Rethink Mental Illness – TRI to the Beat!

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Feb 18

We are so proud and honoured to announce our partnership Rethink Mental Health Charity, a charity who help and have been helping sufferers over days, months and years since they were founded back in 1972 by relatives of those diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Throughout its 46 years of charity work, Rethink has worked with thousands of sufferers, families of sufferers and employees who have experienced the very illness in which they are now helping people battle each day.

The work which has been executed amongst teams, support workers, ambassadors and the government have enabled the charity to grow and to help improve the support for carers and strengthen care in the community.

As we all know, mental health illness holds a massive stigma resulting in sufferers feeling as though they cannot open up about the torment they are going through daily which naturally led Rethink to launch their anti-stigma campaign Time To Change which has recorded an improvement in attitudes to mental illness in 3.5 million people since 2007!

The FitFest Oxford family understand the correlation between fitness, wellness and mental health so of course, we had to research deeper into how we could really help those who need it and so TRI to the Beat was born- a 3 part fitness event created to raise money and awareness for sufferers who need our support!

Come and join us on Saturday 21st April at our outdoor main stage area where all the action will be taking place and heads will come together to ensure this is an event not to miss!

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