Fitness Fun with JumpFit!

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Feb 18

Now, this really is what you call FITNESS FUN! This time we are announcing JUMP FIT!

Jump Fit is an exciting fitness class which targets every part of your body by strengthening, reducing fat, toning your muscles, improving your agility as well as providing an amazing cardio work out! What more could you ask for? The boots? Oh yes, they are also provided!

The best part though is that it makes you SMILE. ‘It’s a fact that rebounding induces an immediate state of euphoria. In fact, rebounding is the most efficient and effective exercise known to man’ (NASA)

Jump Fit says the main benefits of taking part in their classes are:

‘the boots reduce up to 80% of the impact on your ankles, knees, hips and lower backs’

‘it is more than twice as effective as running’.

How long have you been trying to find a replacement for running? I bet I can guess a long time and now we have provided you with a fun version…

DON’T MISS OUT, check out our official schedule to find out when you can try one of these classes.

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