7 best stretch workouts for mind and body

Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies
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Best stretch workouts


Jan 21

According to Harvard Heath, stretching helps us to retain flexibility in our muscles to keep our joints moving fluidly, while also keeping our muscles strong and healthy. But how often do you actually stretch? If stretching is all you have time for, it’s probably more beneficial than doing nothing at all. So we’ve gathered the best stretch workouts to kick start your muscle flexing routine. 

4 minute morning stretch

4 minute morning stretches to get your day off to a great day

Every morning on YouTube, Arj from Performance Physique leads a 4 minute session to exercise and stretch different muscles. It’s a brilliant way to start any day but especially those enduring lockdown days. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come out the other side of an isolated period feeling fitter and stronger just by dedicating a small amount of time to yourself each day?!

Watch the sessions

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10 morning stretches

morning stretch ideas

Curated by a physiotherapist for health brand BUPA, these 10 stretches start while you’re still snuggled under your duvet – we very much like the sound of that! This stretch workout warms up your limbs ready to brace the cool morning air and before you know it you’ve reached from top to toe and are raring to go.

Work your way through the list here

Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga poses

Yoga is probably one of the most accessible stretch workouts in a formal class sense. Most yoga studios and instructors offer an entry level class or helps attendees adjust poses according to their experience or ability. We love the restorative yoga classes hosted by Grace & Gravity where the stretch part of the pose encourages flexibility of connective tissue around the joint. You’ll be moving more freely in weeks.

Find out more about their yoga classes

Stretch workouts to do at home

Stretch workouts to try at home

Depending on how active you are or what activities you enjoy, may mean you feel the need to stretch more or different muscles. This round-up by Self includes a really helpful guided hip stretch that would suit a post run or cycle stretch. And the rest of the stretches are guided in words and pictures so you can emulate the posture, repetition and extension. 

Have a go at home

From sitting to stretching

Desk stretch workouts

Stretch workouts apply when you’ve done nothing all day too! If you’ve spent all day at your desk, your muscles will be aching for a stretch. Men’s Health has gathered a bunch of its favourite stretches and demos in this round-up that’s perfect after a day at your desk. 

Get your bum off your chair

Another world stretch workouts

Yoga retreat

Remember FitFest Oxford 2018? Yoga fans would have swooned over the sessions led by Julie Montagu of Wholeself Yoga. Describing herself on Instagram as the American Aristocrat, she combines sustaining a stately home in Dorset with family life and yogini expertise. Check out her 30 minute YouTube workouts for a spot of ultimate escapism and a darn good stretch workout!

Go with the flow

Stretch workouts for inflexibles

stretch workouts for inflexibles

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, so this beginners flexibility stretch workout will appeal if the prospect of touching your toes makes you wince! With a dancing background stretching has clearly been a part of her fitness routine for years but we love that she recognises some of us need some encouragement, pointers and a helping hand!

Get flexing here

Right then, shall we see you on the mat? We’ll let you do those duvet stretches first!

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The best stretch workouts to get you up in the morning, revived after a day at your desk, or flexing those inflexible joints.

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