The Best Fitness Gifts for gym lovers and workout warriors

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Nov 20

Looking for the best fitness gifts for the gym lover in your life? We’ve got you covered. From stocking fillers to big gifts for fitness fans, the FitFestOxford team has tried and tested as much kit and clothing as we can, all in the name of Fit-mas!

We bring you a collection of local businesses and global household names as well as some environmentally friendly and sustainable gift options too. 

Athleisure wear gifts

The ultimate sports bra

For runners who need to limit the bounce or those of us who have more to tuck in and support, we’ve found the Nike Alpha UltraBreathe High Support Sports Bra is one of the best. It provides generous support without feeling like you’re strapped into a clamp, sturdy yet slick straps and breathable fabric. Shop it

The visibility jacket

Designed for city commuters on their cycles the Rapha Commuter Jacket might need a name change if we keep working from home. But wherever you’re cycling to and from, being visible on our not-so-quiet-anymore roads is essential. Don’t be the cyclist in the black. Shop visible cycling gear

Twin tanks

Not all fitness gifts need to break the bank and not all workout wear has to be branded and luxe. Oh no! The athleisure wear sector has boomed but when you need basics, Amazon will do just fine and we love these easy to wear workout tanks. Choose your prepared colour combo, select the size and Prime it for tomorrow. Buy them here

The exercise dress

This really makes us think about tennis and then we think about Serena Williams rocking it and then we think about our shoulders versus hers and we wish we hadn’t bothered! But as far as freedom and comfort go, this Outdoor Voices exercise dress is on the money. Its built in shorts provide ample discretion and on the hottest day of the year we even almost went for a run in it. Almost. It is a great gift for tennis fans though. Get one here

Workout mask

Oh my. Yes, there is such a thing as a workout mask because in some places around the world it’s necessary to wear a mask while out in public and that means when you’re running and cycling too. Under Armour comes to the rescue with one that’s structure makes it more breathable and the fit more suitable for being active. It has an anti-microbial element to it too. Grab one here

Eco friendly fitness gifts

Sustainable athleisure wear

We love our TALA gear because it ticks all the fit, comfort and flex requirements we want from our fitness clothing, but also because sustainability is its core value. You can workout knowing that TALA has gone to extreme lengths to produce your outfit using upcycled or recycled materials, far fewer chemicals and also delivered it in recycled plastic and packaging that you can go on to recycle. Join the movement

Ocean plastic runners

Adidas could definitely shout louder about its use of ocean plastic in the creation of the fabrics used for the upper of its Ultraboost Summer.RDY trainer, so we’re telling you about it here! This is the perfect fitness gift for that person who exhausted their lightweight summer runners during the first lockdown. These are designed to keep you cool when running in the heat – bring it on! Find them here

Clever clothing

Pangaia brings the science to sustainable workout gear. Constantly innovating, their range includes only fitness clothing made from recycled fibres and recycled plastic bottles and naturally sourced dyes. The clever anti-stink technology? It’s derived from peppermint! Block colour is their thing and we also love their kids range. Shop ‘til you drop

Eco swimwear

This is quite the revelation and has us diving for the credit card as much as the pool – we can’t wait to get back in the water! Certified as free from harmful chemicals, the clever bunch at NOW_THEN turn discarded fishing nets into nylon, follow ethical production methods and replace petroleum with limestone mineral in their neoprene. What’s not to love fellow water babies?! Splash away here

Give as you gift pants

It’s a lesser known fact that cotton production is heavy on chemical usage and as bad for the environment as it is for those working in cotton farms. So we love that Oxfordshire based YOU Underwear only uses organic cotton that’s PETA-approved vegan and that they only work with ethically managed manufacturers who they’ve seen in action. But we also love their buy-one-give-two guarantee in association with Smalls for All. This is one seriously inclusive underwear brand for the first layer of your fitness outfit. Get gifting here

Sustainable socks

You might know Allbirds for their recycled runners and all the entrepreneurial zeal of a New Zealand start-ups. But now US based their range is expanded faster than sea level is rising and we’re a sucker for their sprint socks. If you like Smartwool socks you’ll love these too and they’re part Merino, part recycled nylon while doing all the things you need a running sock to do. Slip into some here

Eco yoga mats

One final eco friendly fitness gift idea has to be the Yoga Matters ecoYoga mat. Made from jute and pure rubber it is, eventually, biodegradable. Which just makes you wonder how many millions of years it’ll take for every other yoga mat to fade into the soil. So in the truest sense of all fitness gifts: use it or lose it! Get yours here

Fitness gadgets and wearable gifts

Fitness phone case

Ever find you want to change your tunes or cancel the incoming call while you’re running? Let me guess, the plastic sleeve wrapping your phone to your arm, combined with your sweaty fingertips don’t prove a good combo? LifeProof’s armband with quickmount is what you need. Take a look 

Headphones to go

We wouldn’t go anywhere without our Aftershokz. They see us through our runs, our ergs and our time on the mat, and they also get us past the anti-earphone marshalls at more serious running events. The bone-conducting technology means you can hear what’s going on around you without impacting the intensity of your tunes. Buy yours here

Get skipping

Whether you’re getting fit alongside your kids, enjoying a jump and bounce workout or working on your jump rope skills, you’ll need a rope! We loves the rope, colours and associated kit from Dope Rope. Check it out

Wearable weights

Want to ramp up your home workout? Wearable weights are the quick and easy way to dabble with weights and push yourself further. They’re also great if storage space is shy. Start with ankle and wrists weights and take it from there. Shop away

Hair fitness

Yes! Finally, someone has designed a hair band that ties your hair back while you workout but leaves it bump and kink free to let it down when you’re done. Stocking fillers for fitness fans are complete with the Cult Beauty Invisibobble! Buy one here

Winter fitness gifts

Mud run trail shoes

Louise has had a lot of fun so far this winter running through the mud in her Salomon trail shoes. Not as waterproof as she had hoped, but they certainly do the trick keeping her on track and upright with the right combo of grip and cushioning. No muddy puddle face plants here! Buy a pair

Winter workout baselayer

When it’s freezing outside but you just want to get moving, you need Under Armour’s ColdGear range. Once you’re working up a sweat it’ll wick it away and keep you warm without. Plenty of stretch, amble anti-odour tech and a promise of no chafing. Shop the range

Ear warmer

Anyone else get cold ear headaches? Whatever the sweat-factor, my ears freeze in the most painful way, so please Santa, my favourite fitness gift would be one of these Sweaty Betty Thermal Earwarmers. You can find them here

Yoga prompts

When there’s ice all around and yet your mind and body need a stretch, pull out a yoga pose. These Oliver Bonas cards make the perfect fitness gift stocking fillers and we can even see them replacing charades at the Christmas dinner table. Get yours here

Walking mitts

Ok, we’ve fallen for these merino mittens because they’re gorgeous and made from the very best wool. And so, we think they’ll make the perfect Christmas gift for walkers. Grab a pair

Wellbeing gifts

Wellbeing boxes

Fuel yourself from the inside out when fresh fruit makes way for mince pies. The Imm+ne Box from Herby is a 7-day herb infusion kit for immune support. Find your feelgood potion

S for sleep

The perfect wellbeing stocking filler ideas, we love these cute alphabet eye masks from M&S this year. Be quick before the letter you need is gone! Shop now

Wellbeing journal

The hottest new trend in wellbeing is journaling. In other words, writing a diary or just downloading your day onto paper. It works wonders if you have the space, time and privacy to this and naturally the big brands are jumping on the bandwagon too. Everyone loves Moleskine stationery so what better place to start. Take a look

Collagen cure

If you’re played through the Bullet Coffee era, maybe you’ve already heard of the Brave Method. Ancient + Brave bring easy to introduce wellbeing enhancing formulas to daily life. You get the benefits of collagen and the boost of MCT oil as part of your workout regimen. Their Cacao+Collagen powders is one of our favourites. Find out more

Skin workouts

How do you find a skincare product for a fitness enthusiast? You need Facegym for skincare fitness gifts and we’re hoping Santa leaves their Training Stick Minis Kit under the tree this year. This clever stuff activates as you sweat and warm up. Winner! Save us one here

Sleep well

Rest up after your workout and sleep soundly with the fitness gift that restores you for tomorrow. Oxfordshire’s Neve’s Bees Sleepy Balm is technically a solid perfume, but we love it at bedtime. And we sleep safe in the knowledge it’s 100% natural, sourced from well looked after bees and supporting another local business. Support the bees here

Get your fitness gifts for Christmas

We could go on. St Nick has already rolled his eyes at our wishlist this year. But we hope you find something for you or the fitness fan in your life here. Happy Christmas shopping!

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Looking for the best fitness gifts for the gym lover in your life? We’ve got you covered. From stocking fillers to big gifts for fitness fans, the FitFestOxford team has tried and tested as much kit and clothing as we can, all in the name of Fit-mas!

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