Why Spring is a great time to re-invest in YOU

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Mar 22

Last week welcomed the Spring Equinox. The word equinox comes from the Latin words for “equal night”—aequus (equal) and nox (night). It’s one of only two points in the year when day and night are equal in length (the other being the autumn equinox). And it’s the first day of spring. The equinox marks a point of balance in the sun’s yearly cycle, in both the northern and southern hemispheres. So it’s an excellent day to think about balance in your own life too.

This year, the spring equinox fell on Friday 20th March

Spring is a perfect middle point take a moment to ask yourself, what do you want to change, balance, or think about?

  1. Are you in balance or out of balance right now?
  2. Are you trying to do too much? Do you end up overwhelmed?
  3. Are you working too hard? Are you resting enough?
  4. Do you have enough energy? Or are you always exhausted?
  5. Do you have time to tap into your creativity? Do you feel stuck?
  6. Do you feel excited about the projects you are working on? Or do they feel heavy?

If you’re out of balance, your productivity, health and wellbeing suffer. We can use the equinox as a catalyst to help us think about areas we want to focus on, balance, or change. It’s a particularly energising time of year (there’s literally more daylight each day to give us energy), and so it’s a great opportunity to tap into this and get going on making a change.

Decide which aspect of balance you want to think about. These are a few examples:

  • Day / Night
  • Work / Rest and play
  • Time alone / Time with others
  • Indoors / Outdoors
  • Masculine/Feminine Energy
  • Yin/Yang
  • Slow/Fast
  • Intuition / Logic
  • Noise / Quiet

What would things look like if the balance shifted in a certain aspect of your life?

Spring welcomes a great time of year to think about growth, new beginnings, and taking the first steps towards change. It’s time to welcome spring and embrace new things.

After the dark winter nights, we appreciate the longer light days of spring. It is the time of new beginnings, renewal, and growth. We can say that this equinox is definitely the best period of the year, in order to focus on some new projects, or get rid of something which doesn’t serve us anymore, and to find the balance we need in life. Finding Balance can be fun and relaxed our programmes delivers practical and effective tools to help you gain a better understanding of how your mind and body operate.

The milestone of 2 years post lockdown may have left you feeling unbalanced? Have you been neglecting yourself and your own self-care? Do you feel like you need to stop, relax, unwind and breathe? Take a look at our ‘Journey Within’ programme. We invite you to explore what the programme can offer you – Why not join us? 

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