Best workouts for teenagers

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Best workouts for teenagers


Mar 21

In a world where even our social lives revolve around the internet, teenage health and fitness has become more of a priority and more intentional than it used to be. Teenagers are, on average, just not as active as they were 20 or more years ago. And so some of the best workouts for teenagers have come to the fore.

Workouts for teenagers have risen in availability and popularity in part to encourage this young age group to be more active, but also to harness the enthusiasm of a portion of this generation who want to proactively look after themselves, be fit, and look and feel good. So we’ve done some research for you to collate what we think are the best workouts for teenagers.

Full body workouts for teenagers

No-equipment workouts are our favourite. There’s no storage requirements, no set-up hassle, no unnecessary expense. And full body workouts like this one from Modern Teen require little more than a mat or towel, and a bed or chair will suffice for raised push-ups and dips. 

The science behind teenage workouts

Follow Brett Maverick’s teen transformation and learn how to get started with weight training and how to build a training programme for the week. He’s a verified YouTube star whose content drifts into all matters of teenage boy angst, but the majority of his videos are fitnessed focused and worth a look.

Teen workouts led by teens

Kendrick Chavez doesn’t quite have the same following but he’s energetic, brings his pals (guys and girls) along to join in the fun and leds a good mix of workouts for teens. There are enough videos to rotate through a week or two to mix things up and he’s more about the fitness than the looks.

Get stuck in here

Bodybuilding for teenagers

The most important thing about workouts for teenagers is that they address the fact that the teenage body is still developing. This brilliant article from Muscle and Strength guides readers through the body’s changes at each stage of puberty and how to exercise to benefit your body at every one. It’s a great read for fitness enthusiast teens and parents alike.

Read all about it here

Workout suggestions from a 14 year old

TechAdvisor is an unusual place for an article about teenage fitness but someone’s sassy teen has written this fabulous article collating the best online workouts for kids and teens. Written during 2020’s UK lockdown, the author, Lexi, calls on the experiences of her friends as much as her own efforts to exercise during the pandemic’s restrictions. It’s brilliantly compiled.

Take your pick of her ideas here

Studio fitness classes for teenagers

When gyms are open again, those tied to the LesMills franchise may offer its Born to Move programme. The classes are aimed specifically at 13-16 year olds using the latest tunes and hottest workout trends to make the classes appeal to this younger audience.

Find out more

What’s wrong with a kick about in the park? We hear you! Absolutely nothing, but where teens need encouragement to stay active or are enthusiastic and need guidance from someone other than their parents, we hope these resources will prove useful.

Teens and children are also very welcome to join us at FitFest Oxford. There are kids activity clubs running alongside classes and workshops, so if you can’t secure childcare we have options to give you the day you need too.

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