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Feb 18

Every festival should offer a tipple, and we are no different! Everything in moderation as they say and when you have just smashed a day full of fantastic fitness classes why shouldn’t you sit back in our wellness areas with a glass of whatever you choose?

Here we are with The Oxford Bar Company who will be offering a full range of the nation’s favourite cocktails as well as a dedicated Prosecco Cart for you to treat yourself to after your last rave in our Dance Fit Tent or to help recover after an afternoon full of Bootcamps!

The Oxford Bar Company have years of experience in providing the very best service to everyone involved by ensuring their bar is the place to be at any event they take part in. They believe that ‘a badly set up and stocked bar can be the downer on any event, especially if the range of refreshments is very limited, or guests have to queue too long to be served. This is where The Oxford Bar Company can make all the difference’.

We are so excited for you all to experience not only the fitness and wellness aspect of FitFest Oxford but also the PARTY VIBES that will be kicking in towards the end of the festival! Nothing shouts out fitness fun more than enjoying a dance rave class with disco lights and ending with a glass of wine!

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