Ajactive have a fitness class for everyone!

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Nov 17

Today we have another fantastic local business to introduce to you all! We promised lots and lots of fantastic businesses and you can’t say we are not delivering! Ajactive designs fitness classes for everyone, whatever your ability and experience they have a class just perfect for you! They make their classes as suitable as possible so that they help improve your life-work balance and wellbeing.

Ajactive offers a variety of classes from cardio classes, such as aerobics and step, to non-impact classes like yoga, pilates or flexi-bar. If you have any specific training requirements, Ajactive also offers personal training services. Literally, they cover most needs and what’s most important, they are committed to keeping everyone engaged! This is the reason as of why Ajactive classes are meticulously choreographed incorporating the freestyle approach, meaning that no class will be the same!

As always, we like to ask business’s owners some questions so that you can understand what drives their success! We spoke to Anginette Barton, founder of Ajactive.

What are Ajactive’s values?

Kindness, positivity and appreciation! All to be directed to yourself and others in equal measure! My aim is to encourage everyone to engage with their own bodies and to free up headspace to allow you to be the best ‘you’! If I can help people along their way into altering negative habits and thoughts and in some small way change the doubting inward thoughts, I feel we can promote better wellbeing in people, giving a basis for coping with the stresses of day to day life.

What would you say is the most popular class at Ajactive?

I find that class ‘popularity’ can change from week to week depending on availability of clientele. Daytime Pilates and Yoga classes are popular regardless due to the demographics of people around in the daytime and also people popping out for lunchtime classes. The choreographed Step class also has a steady following but also the more standard HIIT and regular Aerobics classes seem to serve people well!

What can people expect from you at FitFest Oxford?

I hope to bring hope that everyone can make a difference to themselves that you don’t need to look a certain way to get fitter and there are likeminded people to you, we’re just waiting for you to join us!


How do you feel about being working with FitFest Oxford?

Thanks to FitFest Oxford we have a fantastic opportunity for the fitness community of Oxford to come together to inspire and encourage each other and the local and transient people of Oxford to learn of what we have to offer in bettering your health and lifestyle.

Fun and variety are guaranteed with Ajactive! Register your interest to attend FitFest Oxford 2018!

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