Peak Fitness Bootcamp: taking you to another level!

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Nov 17

And yet, we have another fantastic announcement! Well, being honest, we’ve only just got started! FitFest Oxford has the pleasure to be working with amazing local businesses and getting to introduce them to all of you; it just keeps getting more and more exciting!

On this specific occasion, we want to welcome Peak Fitness on board! The bootcamp that takes you to another level! Peak Fitness Bootcamp has been running for many years in Oxford and Thame, and some of their current members are training with them since day 1!

Their sessions take place at a couple of locations, Oxford Road in Thame and Warneford Lane (Sout Park) in Oxford. Their very accommodating timetable is perfect for all types of people: whether you like your early morning workouts or you are looking for a workout after work to help you release the stress from the long day! Head over to their website for more details and book yourself a trial!

We spoke to Ali Galbraith, head trainer at Peak Fitness Bootcamp to find out a little in regards to how Peak Fitness operates.

What are Peak Fitness’ three strongest values?

1. Treat everyone with respect: this is installed as the number 1 rule in Peak Fitness without it even needing to be said. Respect is given to everyone at all times. No one is in a position to talk down to anyone, not even me and I’m amazing!

2. 100% Work Ethic: I’ve always believed in giving everything you have to a task. If you give me 100%, then we will go places.

3. Enjoy every moment: If we are not having a good time doing something it becomes a chore. People don’t like doing chores!

What makes Peak Fitness a community?

A lot of Bootcamps are a ‘turn up and go home’ type of class with no afters. With Peak Fitness I wanted to drive the community feel and make every member feel like part of the team. It’s not just about coming to your classes in the week and seeing people there. We have many ways to keep in touch outside of class times. This includes a private Facebook page, WhatsApp groups and days/nights out. Not to mention our Christmas party and awards evening. I think the biggest part of making us a community though is how much I will encourage people to share their goals at the sessions and via the private social media avenues. Members show one another such amazing support in completing a goal or offering words of encouragement when times are hard. It’s amazing to see and only really comes through toughing it out together.

What is the key to keeping your clients motivated?

This might be a better question for the members as they might have a completely different answer to me but I’ll go for what I believe is the key to success: always keep your eyes on the goals! I find out why people are coming to me and work on those goals together. I make sure my members are getting to the number of sessions they planned and, if they aren’t making it, I contact them to find out if there’s anything I can do to help them. Finally, I make every session fresh, unique and fun. No two sessions are the same, and I give it my all for every session. Boring trainers never last in this industry!

What can people expect from you at FitFest Oxford?

One of the most energetic, entertaining and form driven Bootcamps ever! Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, let’s have some fun and let’s do it right. Every rep is a good rep!

How do you feel about being involved with FitFest Oxford 2018?

My Peak Fitness Bootcamp at the biggest fitness event in Oxfordshire. It is an honour and a privilege to be involved!

Ali couldn’t have made Peak Fitness Bootcamp any more appealing! Register your interest to attend FitFest Oxford 2018 and meet Ali!

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