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Nov 17

We all experience times when our energy levels just don’t feel right. Whether our energy might be low, high, flat or like a roller coaster…it just feels like something is blocking or disrupting and as a consequence, we feel drained, tired and not happy. Sue Southern, Vibrant LifeForce’s founder, has always been a firm believer in natural health. After having practice natural health techniques herself for many years, she decided to take a career change and set up Vibrant LifeForce.

Vibrant LifeForce is a treatment-based business which uses the natural capability of our bodies to let us know where and when some help is needed. Their aim is to naturally empower clients so that they can be their very best using treatments such as Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Techniques, therefore, holistic approaches. These treatments are most suitable for individuals that are open-minded regarding natural healing but even if you are a little sceptical, please head over to Vibrant ForceLife website and check their treatment page. Sue is committed to helping as many people as possible using a holistic approach so, she has put together a detailed treatment list of what might be troubling you such as headaches and migraines, hormone imbalances, to give you a couple of examples.

We asked Sue Southern a few questions. See below her wonderful answers!

How long has Vibrant LifeForce been running?

I established the business in October 2016.  I have been practising natural health for many years and found my passion so strong that I abandoned my previous career and changed to full-time practice in natural health.

What are Vibrant LifeForce main values?

To help people be the best they can be!
To empower people to take responsibility for their health
To lead people to their natural vibrancy

Why should someone choose holistic treatments?

Because being mentally and physically balanced feels wonderful! Holistic treatments are centred on the whole person; that is mind, body and spirit. A treatment assesses the physical structure such as skeleton and muscles, the nutritional needs of the individual, the emotions from various life events, traumas and the energy network of the body.  With all these elements together the layers of life problems can be lifted leaving us feeling lighter, calmer and happier.

If you had to describe Vibrant LifeForce with only three words, what would those be?

Health, vitality, and happiness!

Give us a quote about being involved with FitFest Oxford 2018?

The concept of a fitness festival holds the positive energy to empower people to achieve more together.  That’s right up my street. Bring it on FitFest Oxford!

Kinesiology and other holistic treatments use a range of gentle yet extremely powerful techniques but most importantly: they are non-invasive and effective! So, why not register your interest to attend FitFest Oxford and let Sue amaze you with their countless benefits?



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