Who doesn’t like food made interesting?

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Mar 18

We all do! Pure Recharge are experts on that! Pure Recharge is a small business that prides itself on providing you with healthy, natural and convenient food choices. 

Founders Joe and Dara always had a passion for creating meals from scratch, seeing the natural healthy ingredients come together to create something great. Spurred on by their active lifestyles and hectic day jobs they wanted a natural, healthy and simple way to get the same results but in a fraction of the time. Smoothies mixes was the solution for them and they now want to share it with everyone! 

Pure Recharge is a family run business that creates healthy, convenient smoothies mixes, acai and pitaya bowls and, sometimes, even home-made chocolate! Pure Recharge work with some great athletes and companies! Check here

We asked Joe and Dara some questions so that you could get to know them a little before the event! 

Who is behind Pure Recharge?

We’re a young couple Dara & Joe, we are Pure Recharge, we do everything from formulating the flavours, to packing the smoothie mixes, to demonstrating our products at shows. You can see our happy smiley faces at FitFest Oxford, whipping up samples of our delicious smoothies so swing on by and say hello.

What makes Pure Recharge different? 

All our ingredients are natural, you can actually see the oats, nuts and superfoods in the pouches. We are not another powdered meal replacement. We hand pack all our pouches ourselves so we know everything that goes into them. Also, our products are designed to be flexible and versatile so we recommend a serving suggestion but you can make them completely your way.

 Any special plans for 2018?

We’re going to bigger and more varied events this year to try and spread the word to more people. We are looking to add another flavour to our range like our limited edition – Wolf Charge! Exciting year ahead!

If you had to define Pure Recharge with three words, what would those be?

Natural, Honest, Convenient! 

What can people expect from you at FitFest Oxford? 

We’ll be giving out tasters our smoothie mixes, we believe trying something before you buy it is key. We’re also hoping to bring our Acai & Pitaya smoothie bowls to the show too (they are a great snack).

Why are you excited to be involved in FitFest Oxford?

As a fitness and wellness festival we believe this would be a great place to showcase our products and get people trying our products! 

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