Do not miss Fitfest Oxford Throwdown!

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Feb 18

Please welcome THE ATHLETE CENTRE DIDCOT! The place where they believe that everyone should have the opportunity to train like a pro! And boy do they supply the facilities for you to do just that!

They have created strength and conditioning studios with the equipment to rival those of any elite sports team and through their measured periodised programming, their coaches help people in all walks of life to be the best they can be.

We are so excited to announce that The Athlete Centre Didcot have partnered Fit Fest Oxford to create Oxfordshire’s first ever Throwdown competition which is aimed to put athletes fitness levels, strength, power and mental strength to the absolute limit through WODs which have been planned, tried and tested amongst expert coaches.

Fit Fest Oxford Throwdown is participated in same sex teams of 3 and will be taking place throughout the whole day at our festival.

If you are a dedicated athlete or someone who has never competed before and you would like to, check out our movement requirement standards on where you can enter our comp.

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