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Feb 18

We all strive to be happy in our workplace. It’s where we spend a vast proportion of our week. However, studies show that 47% of us are unhappy with our current working role. That’s a lot of time to be gloomy.

Our working environment has a massive impact on our wellbeing and happiness. Many of us are working longer hours, skipping lunch breaks and sitting down for up to 10 hours a day which contributes to our feelings of frustration and inertia.

It’s steadily being recognised that sitting at a desk all day has a serious impact on health. A staggering 60% of us claim that sitting for too long has affected our performance at work. It’s costing businesses money; a whopping €73 billion annually across businesses in Europe through employee absenteeism. It’s in everyone’s interest to tackle this growing problem.

Our bodies are designed to move. Sitting for prolonged periods of time means our muscles are inactive and our metabolism slows down. This leads to a greater strain on the heart, increases the risk of blood clots, cancer and obesity, and increases our susceptibility to mental health issues.

Probably most of were nodding as you were reading the above..we were! This is why you must meet local business Aston and James.  Aston and James is a  family business that has been running since 1990. In 2017 they launched a new furniture showroom in Witney that showcases some of the latest products that are required for a modern flexible way of working. Improving ergonomics and supporting the best set up for collective individuals.

The average office worker is only moving or standing for 3 hours of their working day, which has a seriously negative effect on their health and wellbeing. You should come and meet them at Fitfest Oxford as they will be showcasing products and solutions. Their aim is to help as many individuals as possible by improving their ergonomic setup and keep them moving whilst working.

Book your ticket to attend Fitfest Oxford now!

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