Meet Mary Lynch of Onist and her avocado choc pots!

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Nov 17

Onist is a healthy, socially-responsible food brand that you can trust, operating on a buy one, give one, basis. They produce healthy avocado choc pots that make the perfect sweet dessert but offer nothing but nutritional goodness.

Mary Lynch, the founder of Onist Food Limited, is a registered nutritionist passionate about delicious, healthy food and responsible business. She has previously been on the board for Nutritionists In Industry and worked for almost five years as Jamie Oliver’s Senior Nutritionist. Since she has consulted for businesses like Ebury Press, I newspaper, Health & Fitness magazine and Warner Music. Mary is passionate about sustainability and responsible business and hence, the reason for founding Onist Food Limited: a healthy food business that gives back to Children in need in Gambia.

Being able to support businesses like Onist is extremely important for FitFest Oxford’s team and we are eager to share their story with you. Following, the questions we asked Mary and that triple assured us that organising FitFest Oxford was the best decision we’ve made in a long time! Being able to help increase awareness of brands such as Onist, it’s just invaluable!

When did you decide to start Onist?

Onist started in 2016 and since I work full time on Onist. Onist sold its first pot in February 2016 and has since been stocked in Fortnum and Mason, Daylesford Organics, Soho House, Planet Organic and will launch into Ocado and Wholefoods next year. We have since been able to visit the Charity in Gambia, opened a manufacturing unit in the Cotswolds and hope to continue to grow and to develop the work we are doing with farming communities.

What are Onist’s strongest values?

Onist believes in transparency in everything we do. This stretches from the recycled wool we use for sending online orders, to asking our followers for business advice, to sharing every time we send money for breakfasts to our partner charity in Gambia, Pandys. We believe in doing business differently and telling a story rather than hiding the day to day running of the business.

What is the reason behind choosing avocado as the key element for this healthy dessert?

Purely nutritional! avocado replaces the cream and butter in a normal chocolate dessert and therefore replaces the less healthy saturated fats in the recipe with heart-healthy unsaturated ones.

Why was Pandys chosen as the charity to support in Gambia?

Purely for the assurance so we knew that we could trust where the money was spent. It is a family friends charity.

Why did you decide to get involved with FitFest Oxford?

I think it’s important to support those who are trying to promote good food and a different way of doing business. It’s also great to see Oxford becoming more foodie and pushing a healthier way of living!

Register your interest to attend FitFest Oxford as you will have the chance to meet Mary at the nutrition talk she will be featuring!

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