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Jan 19

“Floatation therapy? What is that?” I hear you say. Floatation therapy is ‘effortlessly’ lying back in a tank full of water. It is becoming an increasingly popular treatment, which has been said to help with stress, pain and relaxation.

We tried it out at The Oxford Floatation Centre where Hannah Ireson guided us through our first experience and wow – it was absolutely amazing! We sat down with Hannah to get a better idea of what floatation is all about.

For those who havent heard of floatation therapy, in your own words how would you describe it?

To be weightless for an hour without going into space for the ordinary person is now possible in the float tank. Floatation Therapy to me is the chance to be alone with yourself, to let go of the everyday stresses, to let go of the strains the body may hold due to posture and the weight you put on your body in your day-to-day lives. Whether you carry work stress or emotional stress the sensory deprivation tank is your place to let it float away. My pods are like time machines, you enter and 60 minutes later appear rejuvenated and relaxed thinking you were only gone for 15 minutes.

What an experience! What would you say is your missionat the floatation centre?

My Mission is to provide a safe place for people to come and relax, a place they know is for their comfort. No pressure to have a certain type of experience, the tank is for them individually and to make them better in anyway they need it to. There will be other therapies available too; Thai Massage, Reiki, Mindfulness Workshops, Yoga and a drop in with a Naturopath.

What made you want to bring Floatation to Oxford?

I floated at 31 weeks pregnant after a very painful pregnancy, when I bobbed around in the tank I felt pain free. My ribs were relieved and I felt calmness as if I were in my own womb too. When I stepped out the room and sat with my husband to talk about the experience I knew at that moment this is what I needed to do. I needed to bring this to Oxford, I want other people to feel the benefits of being pain free.

How exciting! What are the benefits of Floatation?

There are many benefits to floating, studies have proven regular floating over 8 weeks reduces cortisol (stress hormone) quite significantly in comparison to medication for anxiety. Please see for a number of studies.

Epsom Salts are fantastic for the skin and skin conditions such as eczema and when in the tank some of my clients do restorative muscle stretching to improve their insomnia symptoms. The weightless environment allows your spine to realign, you will notice it click back into place. Floating has been likened to having a deep tissue massage and regulars have improved sleep.

For pregnant women, floating is a no brainer. The relief on your hips, back and ribs is just incredible.

What are some of the comments you hear after someone does floatation for the first time?

‘I didn’t realise I was in there for an hour’ ‘my back feels better than it did when I left the chiropractor’ ‘I feel like I just flew through space’ ‘I woke myself up snoring’ ‘I suffer with chronic pain, this is a miracle’

All comments are highly satisfying and seeing how good people feel when they come out is the main reason for opening the centre.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Its suitable for everyone, however there are a few things to be aware of before hand. You need to seek the advice of your Dr if you have a heart condition, extreme low blood pressure, epilepsy, infectious skin disease or an ear infection.

What is your own personal favourite use for floatation?

If I am very tired I will hop straight in, I can’t resist the water when I open the lid, its so warm and peaceful. If I am in a hurry with some neck pain I will do a short 30-minute session and it will be relieved for the next few days. My husband uses it after a hard training session to loosen the muscles and my 10-year-old stepson uses it to calm anxiety and ADHD symptoms.

How can we book a session?

You can book a session by emailing me at [email protected] , calling me on 01865 361022 alternatively text me on 07813432257

The Oxford Floatation Centre will be exhibiting at our major festival in June so be sure to come and visit them!

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