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Nov 17

Sophie Carter is a personal trainer, mother of two that has managed to get herself fitter than ever after both births! We don’t know about you but, the whole FitFest team was keen to find out more about Sophie’s story!

Sophie has been a personal trainer for over 8 years now. Before qualifying as a personal trainer, Sophie only dreamt of the things that she could achieve, she wasn’t really following her heart but, what other suggested was best for her.

Sophie always loved running. That is a fact. At school, she used to win a lot of races but was never encouraged. After finishing school, she followed the traditional path of going to University and getting a good job: Sophie was a solicitor. Without reading any further, we are sure many of you already understand Sophie really well: many times we just get told what is politically correct, and we do it. Although, it might not be what we truly love to do. At the FitFest team, we admire people like you Sophie!

Sophie gave up law full time when she had her daughter and set up PT business mainly doing exercise classes for postnatal women.

“I ran a lot with my daughter in her running specific buggy. I was then known locally as the woman that runs. When my youngest child was born again my husband at the time was away and then I ran with a double buggy”.

After going through some hard times, the breakdown of her marriage and sadly losing her Mum, running turned into Sophie’s healing technique. Within a year, Sophie had won the national trail championships, several 50kms (in two of those she was second overall out of men and women) and she was selected to run for England in the 100km in the British Championships. Sophie finished second in the British Championships 100km in 8 hours and 11 minutes! Wow!

Sophie offers small group training session, one to one personal training for all abilities, pre and postnatal training and specialist run and fitness training! Please head over to Sophie’s website to find out more details about how to book your session!

“I love to motivate others. Staying positive is key… I have learned that it is not the situation that is the problem but your reaction to it”.

She loves to motivate others, and we love to get people like Sophie involved! You are going to have the pleasure of meeting Sophie at FitFest Oxford 2018!

Sophie describes her sessions as therapy too! Do not miss the chance to meet her! Register your interest to attend FitFest Oxford!

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