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Nov 17

Exposure to toxins has become one of our life partners, unfortunately. If we were able to reduce exposure to toxins, our bodies will naturally be capable of processing toxins and removing them a lot more efficiently. This is why FitFest Oxford thinks that The Cupping Therapy is a MUST at April’s event!

The Cupping Therapy is a practice based in Bicester that specialises in re-awakening natural healing. How do they do it? By helping us remove toxins directly from our bodies! Removing all toxins from our life is technically almost impossible, so although our bodies are continually removing them from our system, sometimes we would need a little boost if our exposure to toxins exceeds the rate of toxin removal from our bodies. And this is exactly what The Cupping Therapy do!


The Cupping Therapy live by an aim: “to help you achieve homeostatic balance in your health so that you do not have an excess of one thing or a lack of another. The Cupping Therapy will work to help you remove bad physical elements from your body and encourage you to replace it with something better so that you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier body and lifestyle”. 



We had the pleasure to talk to Mujahid Hamidi, founder of The Cupping Therapy. Mujahid has been practicing Cupping Therapy for about seven years. In October 2015 he decided to bring Cupping Therapy to new heights and to gain a larger audience in doing so. that we could all understand a bit better what a cupping therapy is about.

If you could sum up The Cupping Therapy’s philosophy in one sentence, what would it be? 

Our philosophy is our slogan: “Re-awaken your natural healing”.

What are the main differences between moving cupping, dry cupping and wet cupping? 
  • Moving Cupping is when we apply a light suction on a cup and move it around various parts of the body, similar to a massage, but the suction is applied as opposed to pressure.
  • Dry Cupping is when a stronger suction is applied to a fixed point and left for a few minutes to help dislodge the toxins from where they are sat so that they can easily be removed from your body through your waste.
  • Wet Cupping is an additional step to Dry Cupping. Once the cup has been applied on a fixed point for a while, it is removed to sterilize the area. Using surgical-grade equipment, we lightly scratch the top layer of skin and then reapply the suction on the same point to allow the toxic blood to be directly taken out of the body. Bleeding stops as soon as the suction is removed. The body will automatically send fresh new blood to that area, but without the toxins getting in the way (as they have been taken out via the blood), the transfer of oxygen and nutrients from the new blood would be a lot more effective at repairing that part of the body.


What makes your services unique? 

Our services are unique because our aim is to help the client not become dependant on any allopathic medicines, or even any other therapy (including our own!). We aim to give a very thorough treatment so that you don’t have to keep coming back to us. How do we do that? By spending a lot of time in our consultations convincing the client on how to prevent ailments from developing and also taking advantage of our natural medicinal products which we source from all over the world to help positively change your overall health. We look at each client in a holistic manner and advise our clients on how to overcome bad habits so that the therapy becomes complete.

What can people expect from you at FitFest Oxford? 

At FitFest, you can expect to see quick demonstrations of Dry Cupping Therapy as well as an explanation of how this therapy works. We will also have for sale many natural medicines that have been in use all over the world for many centuries and you’d be able to taste or try the majority of them too! We can also take bookings for consultations and treatments on the day.

How do you feel about FitFest Oxford 2018? 
We are so excited to be at FitFest Oxford to interact with the crowd and show how this type of therapy can help you attain higher levels of fitness and also help you to overcome any ailments that you or your loved ones suffer from.
Register your interest to attend FitFest Oxford and meet Cupping Therapy.

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