Meet Dr. Surina, the Foodie Dentist!

Jude Perrera
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May 19

Meet Dr Surina Sehgal who is a Dentist who found herself addicted to sugar! She was craving something sweet after every meal and it was taking its toll on her skin, weight, energy and mood quite badly and so Surina began her own journey to work her way back to a healthier and livelier lifestyle by eliminating refined sugars! Being a General Dental Practitioner by profession, she has found that eating refined sugars can take an absolute toll on your gums, teeth and mouth so her recipes comes with not only a focus of keeping your mouth healthy but also your body as a whole as refined sugars contributes negatively to many aspects of health.

After learning how simple it could be to remove the quick, convenient, processed foods that are so common in people’s lives, Surina has crafted some amazing recipes that makes healthy food without compromising any taste.

Dr. Surina will give her master recipe of how to make Wholemeal pancakes with delicious berry compote at FitFest Oxford. Sample the pancakes and walk away with a dentist-approved recipe for a satisfying breakfast.

This class was designed to show that there are easy ways to make healthy but deliciously sweet food without adding processed products that bring on all the side effects. Make sure to come check out the Foodie Dentist and her amazing recipes on June 15th at FitFest Oxford!

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