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May 19

Annabelle Baker Nutrition was founded in 2015 by a driven young Nutritionist. Wishing for a better future for people and their health, Annabelle started educating sport’s teams and the local community. Through her success, she grew to provide private consultations, corporate talks, presentations at well-being events, nutritionally balanced menu’s for cafe’s and has collaborated with industry professionals.

Annabelle Baker

Annabelle believes that fresh, simple and unprocessed ingredients along with education on planning and preparation are the foundations for a well balanced diet and lifestyle.

“Our food industry is developing rapidly towards flavour and convenience in a highly processed fashion leaving people with too many calories and too few high quality nutrients.”​

Chicken Vegetable Medley with Beetroot Humus

Annabelle believes that with the right resources and learning material, certain ‘Basic’ rules can be introduced to achieve optimum nutrition.

​Annabelle applies these principles by selecting foods in their basic form. Taking flavours from natures pantry, unmolested by manufacturing processes and combining with some simple and really tasty recipes Annabelle can create a diet plan that satisfies your tastes buds and your bodies needs for good physical health.

Chili eggs & high protein sprouts on avocado rye toast

Join Anabelle’s cooking demo on 15th June: “The Nutritionist’s Pinging Meals”.

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