It’s Organic September!

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Sep 18

September is National Organic month so we’re going to share some of our favourite organic brands with you…

Nom Foods, you may have seen these guys at FitFest Oxford 2018 and tried some of their delicious popcorn.

All of their ingredients are 100% organic, gluten free and vegan! What more could you want.

They have delicious bars, the perfect on the go snack and popcorn, which if we’re honest, is for all occasions – at least it is for us. Each come in four flavours but our personal favourite is the cacao and raspberry oat bar. Check them out here.

That’s food covered, now beauty products. Neal’s Yard Remedies are one of our favourites and there are lots of brands trying to incorporate organic ingredients into their products now – which is great! But these guys have been doing it for a long time, 30 years in fact, so they definitely know what they’re doing  (not that we’re saying others don’t).

If you’re looking for a good organic beauty product but you’re not sure where to start you could always opt for coconut oil. Great to put in your hair as a conditioning product or a treatment masque or to use on your face, lips and body as a moisturiser. Also great to cook with too!

Let us know what your favourite organic products and brands are, we’re always on the lookout to try new ones.

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