How you can help preserve the ozone layer

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Sep 18

Today is International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. It’s a bit of a mouthful but it’s actually a really incredible story of why this is being celebrated.

For those that don’t know, the ozone is the layer that protects us from damaging radiation of the sun and is what preserves life on this planet.

In 1987 the protocol was signed. It was an agreement to phase out chemicals responsible for ozone depletion, and had the protocol not have been in place there would have been a massive increase in UV radiation.

The increase of UV radiation would have increased the risk of major health issues – things like skin cancer and cataracts (a major cause of blindness), damaged and reduced marine life, reduced plant and crop growth – leaving us with less food and damage materials like wood, plastic and rubber, making them weaker.

But thankfully, the protocol is in place and If all keeps going as it is, we’re on track to have a full recovery of the ozone layer around 2050. Pretty cool right? You can find out more here.

What can I do to preserve the ozone layer?

Whilst scientists and researchers find new solutions and earth-friendly products are created, there are things we can do:

  • Buy products that are labelled “ozone friendly” or “HCFC free”.
  • Reduce your car use, if you can take the bus or get active and walk, hop, skip, cycle or jog to the shops, do that!
  • Buy local produce – it hasn’t had to be transported to get to you.
  • Use energy saving bulbs.
  • Turn off things you aren’t using the save electricity.
  • Don’t use the heating/air-con for the sake of it.

Let us know your tips for preserving the ozone.

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