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Jan 19

Meet ViiSana an insurance broker based in Worthing passionate about helping you be happy and healthy. How do you ask? ViiSana offers life and health insurance with a difference and is an Exclusive Associate to Vitality Life and Health Insurance.

They don’t just protect you with award-winning cover from Vitality, they encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle and reward you with a range of Vitality Rewards and ViiSana Additions for doing so. Why? Because they want you to enjoy your life and believe that encouraging you to take small, positive steps (and rewarding you for them) is more successful than dramatic life changes that are hard to maintain once the initial enthusiasm has waned.

Not only does their approach help to dramatically reduce your chance of illness, but it can also save you money, with a range of health benefits and discounts.

We have a UK wide team of Protection Consultants who work with clients to advise them of the best Vitality products to meet their protection needs. 

How easy is it to sign up to ViiSana?

Vitality Life and Health Insurance provide a unique approach to insurance. They help the policyholder take a more active role in managing their own wellness, which can encourage them to develop healthy long-term habits that are good for them. By providing incentives through healthy and active rewards they aim to reduce the number of claimants in the long-term.  Once a client’s policy is live they are encouraged to complete the Vitality Health Check at a participating pharmacist to start them on their wellbeing journey.

We love the idea of rewarding people for being active. Can you tell us more about what goals people have to achieve to get these rewards?

Vitality provides guidance on what goals people should set and incentivise reaching them with a comprehensive list of rewards and discounts that can include major brands including Apple and Amazon. For example, customers who regularly record more than 12,500 steps per day will achieve Vitality Platinum status – this unlocks the maximum rewards available.. We don’t want our customers to wait until they make a claim to get value from their insurance policy, we want them to enjoy benefits that reward and enrich their life throughout the term of their policy.

In your workplace wellbeing package, we love the concept of healthier employees are more productive – how do you make sure employers bring out the best in their employees through this package?

The level of support and engagement is key to create a wellbeing programme that is sustainable – evidence now proves that three times as many healthy employees participate in workplace wellness programmes than sick employees1. ViiSana has a range of tools available that will help the employer to do this. This includes helping to implement a Healthy Workplace Champion, Vitality Coach, or running Wellness Days.  However, the best results come from those employers who embrace the concept and lead by example, so visible management endorsement and encouragement is vital. In addition, regular visits and clinics from the team at ViiSana helps to keep employees engaged.

ViiSana also provides an additional level of rewards through our own ViiSana Additions package, offering discounts on gym membership, access to a range of high street discounts, and many more. 

1 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2017

“Everything we do for our customers – from the quality of the protection we offer to the rewards you earn – is designed to help you take small steps to a better you.”

ViiSana’s goals are:

•    To help their customers live healthy and rewarding lives, and genuinely adds value.

•    To provide the best possible customer service.

•    To be a responsible and supportive employer.

•    To change the public perception of life and health insurance.

They achieve these by

•    Offering our customers the best life and health insurance available.

•    Rewarding them for taking small, positive steps to a healthy life.

•    Being an active and responsible member of our local communities.

•    Ensuring that our consultants are inspired, valued and given the tools and support to confidently do their jobs.

We are thrilled to be welcome ViiSana as a FitFest Oxford 2019 Exhibitor. Do pop by their stand to get information about what they offer and to receive a free no obligation quote!

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