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Jan 19

Meet Bami, the founder of BAMBAM BOOGIE who turned her frustration with the lack of diversity in her local gym into a global dance fitness powerhouse. Her mission is to form fearless females around the world through sharing her story of hard work resilience and huge amounts of good vibes.

In September 2015 at the tender age of 22 Bami moved from Toronto to Dublin to work at The Google EMEA Headquarters. Although thrilled at the chance to work for the #1 Company in the world something just didn’t feel right. She felt out of shape and out of place in the corporate world. Itching to not only make a change in her environment but to also do more that just go to work she decided to start going to the Gym. This is where she first noticed the lack of diversity and inclusion in the fitness industry, she felt uncomfortable in a space where she knew she belonged.

That’s when it clicked: “Be the Change you want to see in the World” and in May 2016, BamBam Boogie Dance Fitness was born. Starting off with the humble aim of getting diverse faces, shapes and sizes into her workplace gym. The word spread like wildfire internally and even faster externally where she rapidly became a social media sensation with her vibrant energy and fun class videos. Before she knew it she had demand in countries all over the world ranging from Brazil to Canada, The Netherlands and USA.

In February 2018, Bami made the courageous plunge to walk the walk of a true FEARLESS female. She left her full-time job at Google and moved to her city of birth London, England to dedicate her time to BamBam Boogie. Over 2000 people (and counting) around the world have been inspired by Bami’s contagious love for life and her story of persistence. Now a certified personal trainer Bami hopes to continue to grow her brand and spread her story to inspire others to be FEARLESS in pursuit of their dreams.

We bring you an exclusive interview with Bami herself ahead of her taking part in our major festival on June 15th.

Why did you choose Twerking?

I chose Twerking because it’s something that has been in my culture for years. I’m Nigerian so i remember being very young watching my grandma “Twerk” which of course was not called Twerking back then! It’s a fun and empowering way to work up a good sweat.

How long have you been Twerking for?

I’ve been dancing since I was very young but I started Twerking when I was a teenager (pre-Miley Cyrus). This is because when I moved to Toronto at 14 my friends taught me about Caribbean culture and the art of whining, daggering and Twerking –  loved it so much!

Did you find that people didn’t really know what it was which made them apprehensive to join?

I think that people are always apprehensive to try something that they don’t understand. However, with the popularization of Twerking in the last 5 years I believe that it’s made people more intrigued to try it – especially when they bring a friend!

How long does it take to learn how to Twerk?

It depends on your experience and most importantly your teacher! I can teach anyone the basic Twerk within 5 minutes but if you want to become a Twerk pro it can take years!

Would you say Twerking is for any age group?

It really depends on the Twerk class! On any given week my signature Twerk After Work classes are open to all ages. However my Twerking Heels classes are 18+ because these classes are a lot more focused on the female body making them more sexy fitness. So it really depends but my youngest student was 6 and oldest 60 so Twerking really is for everyone.

What would you say to people who want to Twerk but are not confident enough?

I would say watch some videos online, I have a super simple Twerk tutorial on my YouTube channel and I always recommend first timers to check it out. Try it at home and once you feel like you’ve gained the confidence to try it in a group setting book in a group class.

Do you get any men coming to your classes?

Yes I do only a few the classes are majority female but men are definitely welcome to join in too! I have a 13 year old boy who regularly comes to my Dublin sessions with his mum and it’s build up his confidence SO much.

What muscles do you work out when you Twerk?

Twerking is a full body workout out but the main muscles are the glutes (booty) and legs

Does it tone the Stomach muscles?

Yes! There are definitely certain Twerk moves that also tone the abs; you need to make sure that core is tight to tone that booty!

How many calories do you burn in a session of Twerking?

At Twerk After Work you can burn up 600 calories depending on the sweat sequence that week

Does twerking get rid of cellulite?

Ahaha first time I’ve had this question! I don’t have cellulite so I’m not too sure – I don’t think so though

Sorry but I have ask this seems to be a popular question. Do you have to have a big bum to Twerk?

MYTH! You do not have to have a big bum to Twerk at all, but Twerking does help your bum grow so if you’re looking to grow those glutes get that booty to class!

Do not miss the chance to Twerk your way to a toned, sculpted and bigger badonkadonk with the one and only @bambam_boogie! Get your Twerk on at 11:45 on Sunday, Jan 27th @westgateoxford where we’ll be hosting a fun and full on fitness and Wellness weekender! You can catch BamBam at our major festival on June 15th. Register your interest to attend here.

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