8 Things you need to know about FitFest Oxford 2018.

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Oct 17

Thank you for your interest in FitFest Oxford, we hope you are just as excited as we are for this amazing event!

  1. FitFest Oxford is a new one day, fitness and wellbeing festival offering lots of different exercise classes, workshops and seminars on all things nutrition, training and wellness. FitFest Oxford is at the Oxford Academy on Saturday, 21 April 2018.
  2. FitFest will be divided into Zones. FitStage is our main stage where we will have top trainers teaching classes to hundreds of people throughout the day. FitTalk is where you will find top names and brands discussing nutrition,anti-ageing, mindfulness, and training for triathlons, marathons and lots more. FitFood will have local healthy caterers and juice bars offering up delicious food and drinks to nourish our attendees (FitFesters…you have so much to look forward to!).
  3. FitFest Oxford will also be hosting some specific workshops for smaller groups where FitFesters can take the opportunity to hone in on specific topics/techniques with our unreal trainers. Workshops will be available to book in advance. More on this soon.
  4. FitFest Oxford will be running all day from 9 am to 6 pm. FitFesters can come along at whatever times suits and participate in the activities. The timetable will be released in advance so you can tailor your day to your desire.
  5. FitFest Oxford welcomes beginners and experienced fitness fanatics. There will be a selection of exciting classes for all levels.
  6. FitFest Oxford is for over 18s and is a great opportunity to mingle with like-minded wellness and fitness enthusiasts while enjoying the festival vibes.
  7. FitFest Oxford is an alcohol-free event allowing FitFesters to rejuvenate the mind and body after in time for summer 2018.
  8. Early bird tickets will be on sale from December so be sure to register your interest (“because when they’re gone, they’re gone”!!!) Register your interest today!

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