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Jan 19

Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. Our lives are becoming increasingly busy which means that anything that makes multi-tasking a little easier is welcomed with open arms. From listening to them on your way to work, at the gym or even on a bike ride while keeping active, they’re versatile and you can learn something new or insightful at the same time.

These days you can podcasts on practically any subject. Podcasts based on health and fitness have also become more common, yet there is so much variety in the style amongst them. New to podcasts? Here are our top 5 for health and fitness!

1. The Model Health Show

Rated the top health podcast in the US on Apple Podcasts, The Model Health Show is hosted by best-selling author Shawn Stevenson. If you enjoy discussions with more of a scientific background but broken down in a clear, digestible way, this podcast is for you. Shawn’s smooth voice, welcome humour and knowledge of a range of topics related to health and wellness means the podcast is interesting, light-hearted and is likely to teach you something new. He has had some great expert guests come on the show which have sparked very educational, motivating and sometimes emotional conversations, such as his interview with Shaun T, creator of Insanity.

Average episode duration: 50-70 minutes.

Perfect for: long commutes

2. Optimal Living Daily

The Optimal Living Daily podcast will provide your daily dose of health-related information. It’s created by Dr. Neal Malik and would be described by many as more of a ‘blogcast’ (a blog-style podcast). Featuring various expert guests, this podcast covers a variety of problem-specific topics, such as intermittent fasting and food supplements. The episodes are short and to-the-point so the information is super digestible.

Average episode duration: 10 minutes

Perfect for: short walks or drives

3. The Logical Weight Loss Podcast

The Logical Weight Loss Podcast is lead by Dave Jackson who takes you along with him on his fitness journey. If you like to hear more personal journey stories from a relatable space, this podcast is great. Dave even talks through fitness technology he’s tried out so if you’re looking for reviews, you’ll find them here!

Average episode duration: 20 minutes

Perfect for: commutes to work and listening to while cooking

4. Human Optimization Hour

Hosted by Kyle Kinsbury, The Human Optimization Hour is a great podcast if you’re into really motivational conversations. Kyle sits down with various industry experts and talks about mindset and wellness as well as fitness. Kyle and his expert guests aim to help you “achieve peak performance in everyday life” within all these aspects. Got your new year’s resolutions ready? This is the podcast to pair them with.

Average episode duration: 60 minutes

Perfect for: getting ready in the morning

5. The Chalene Show

The Chalene Show is hosted by Chalene Johnson who talks through tips and discussions relating to diet, fitness and life balance. If you enjoy daytime chat show styled podcasts, look no further. You’ll feel a part of the conversation with this in your ears.

Average episode duration: 30-40 minutes

Perfect for: commutes to work or listening before bed

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