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Apr 19

Brazilian Method by Vivian Fonseca” is the sell-out class created by Vivian Fonseca that incorporates the best of her regime into a fun, upbeat and challenging workout with a focus on toning and sculpting for the lower-body and core. Vivian created the Brazilian Method because she noticed that many of her female clients wanted to get toned but not bulky. She developed this method with resistance bands to stimulate the group of muscles that includes glutes, core and thighs to get them to a better shape. The greatest part is that you start seeing results even just after six sessions!

Vivian is a highly qualified personal trainer with a wealth of experience across functional training, weight loss, performance training and rehabilitation as one of Brazil’s best known fitness instructors.

Her work has taken her to Canada, the US and now the UK. Personal training is Vivian’s true passion and her life has been dedicated to helping others achieve their full fitness potential!

Vivian’s fitness story starts with her athletic career as a professional volleyball player in Brazil, which spanned an inspiring 10 years. She has attended some of the world’s best educational institutes and has a long roster of sports-related qualifications ranging from her BA in Physical Education to her post-graduate certifications in Cardio-Physiology and Sports Marketing. Thanks to her dedicated studies and specialised clinical experience, Vivian’s knowledge far surpasses the standard requirements of any Personal Trainer.

Starting out as an instructor in Sao Paulo, Vivian quickly became a well-known name in the fitness world. Her sell-out group fitness classes across disciplines including spinning, mat Pilates, aerobics, circuit training and TRX attracted athletes and famous Brazilian models alike. While working one-on-one with her high-profile clientele, Vivian continued to widen her expertise by specialising in obesity, patients with diabetes and injury rehabilitation programmes. Several years and many clients later, she’s now a partner with one of Sao Paulo’s leading Physical Rehabilitation Clinics.

Vivian is excited to have brought her unique expertise to the UK. She’s ready to help you reach your physical goals, whether that be improved general fitness, rehabilitation following injury or overcoming personal health issues. Vivian’s friendly, knowledgeable approach and functional and effective training methods are certain to bring you the best possible results.

Vivian is really excited about teaching the Brazilian Method at FitFest Oxford. Vivian explains, “We don’t use any machinery! Only your own body weight and mini resistance bands, which are my favourite piece of equipment! I always explain each exercise fully, so that everybody gets the most out of the workout and understands exactly what muscles we are targeting. It’s also a workout that you can copy at home once you get the hang of it, but it’s obviously more fun to join the class with my authentic Brazilian music!”

Join Vivian Fonseca at FitFest Oxford on 15th June in her popular Brazilian Method workout class.

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