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Jan 19

Meet The Athlete Centre, Didcot

With gyms across the UK, The Athlete Centre, in Didcot, provides CrossFit, personal training, strength, mobility and nutrition support all under one roof.

Crossfit is a general strength and conditioning programme with the goal of improving fitness across multiple dimensions. It delivers a well-rounded approach, which includes strength, cardiovascular fitness and mobility. Both strengths and weaknesses are assessed and training is tailored to focus on the gaps to provide a comprehensive athletic and fitness base.

The Athlete Centre team focuses on mobility as much as strength and endurance. Mobility refers to our joints’ ability to move freely and with ease in all available directions. By focusing on mobility and form while performing exercises, injuries are actively prevented. Even old injuries can begin to heal as the surrounding muscles and tissues take on their supporting functions.

If you are interested in a well-rounded, safe training programme, check out The Athlete Centre, Didcot. They have about as many women as men training together in their facilities, all supporting each other to work towards individual goals.

Need more CrossFit inspiration? Come see some of The Athlete Centre’s clients perform in the Throwdown at FitFest Oxford on 15th June at the Oxford Academy. You’ll be impressed to see how bodies can perform with consistent and focused training!

Take part in the Throwdown!

Fitfest Oxford Throwdown, now in its 2nd year, is a highly-regarded competition involving a mix of functional-based movements, weightlifting and gymnastics. Same-sex teams of three take on at least four WODS throughout the day. The WODS are designed to challenge newcomers and experienced athletes alike. Teamwork is key to this competition!

Check out our a full list of movement requirements for this event via @fitfestoxfordthrowdown Instagram’s page. Keep in mind that there are no qualifiers. Athlete Tickets are £50 per person. This will include full access to FitFest Oxford Fitness and Wellness Festival, lunch from one of our food vendors and your entry to the Throwdown.

Make use of the early bird offer: sign your team up before 5th February to get £5 off per person! The FitFest Oxford Throwdown team can’t wait to see your team compete.

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