Exercise beyond the comfort zone: Bounce towards your fitness goals.

Louise Merritt
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Dec 18

Meet Jumpfit, a new exercise class involving bouncing on rebound boots to mood-boosting music.

Defy gravity as you jump and bounce and experience a variety of other benefits such as a reduction in body fat, greater muscle tone, increased agility and greater strength. It’s also an effective way to get your cardio in. An aerobic effect for the heart is guaranteed in each class.

To bounce with the Jumpfit team, you do not need to have any experience or special dancing skills.

The boots are a lot easier to use than they look. It’s fun for anyone aged 12 or older. It’s an inclusive class where all shapes and sizes are welcome. Both men and women attend the classes.

Don’t hesitate to try a new exercise that seems initially seems beyond your comfort zone! Jumpfit participants leave raving reviews about the benefits of the classes and instructors.

“The most enjoyable fitness class I have ever been too, great all over workout and a great pace to the class, amazing instructors too!” – Lucy

“It’s exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise – magic :)” – Anita

“Its addictive!! I’ve always envied people who say they enjoy exercise, quite frankly I’ve always hated it but I’m so glad I can finally say I’ve found something I not only enjoy, I love it!! it’s not only helped my fitness but it’s helped my confidence and my anxiety. Everyone you meet is lovely and welcoming and I recommend it to anyone. “- Nikki

Jumpfit classes are available in Croydon and Bristol for now. Keep an eye out as the Jumpfit team expands across the UK. Jumpfit classes are available every day and affordable with prices starting at £6.50 per class, which includes the use of the special  rebound jumping boots.

Good news, you can now get to know the Jumpfit classes in Oxford. Come jump with us at our Westgate Weekender event during January 26th and 27th! Don’t forget to book your free space here. Can’t make that date, no problem you can also meet the Jumpfit team at our major festival on June 15th, register your interest here.

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