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Amber-Rose Hurst
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May 19

BEAT Indoor Cycle is a controlled and fun indoor cycling brand, that uses the beat of music to help and motivate individuals in a class of others whilst allowing them to work towards their own unique fitness goals. 

Tracey Tottie Milner is the founder of BEAT and also acts as a BEAT instructor, working in leisure centres in and around Leamington Spa. BEAT has grown so much that she even recruits other like-minded fitness instructors around England, helping the brand to reach more fitness fanatics around the country.  

What’s in a name?

B ike

E uphoria

A drenaline, (and fantastic)

T unes

In traditional spinning classes, it’s easy to worry about lagging behind the more experienced cyclers and losing your muscle gains through intense cardio. BEAT is different in the way it allows its attendees to change resistance strengths during group led cycles. Whatever the goal, BEAT caters to it. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle building or toning that you’re striving for, you can do anything with the resistance adding technology that can tailor the workout to your specific needs whilst staying at your own pace. 

Join Tracey at FitFest Oxford on June 15that 2:15pm for the “Indoor Beat Cycle Talk”to learn how to motivate and lead a successful class of your own, including how to create the best sound tracks, take clients through a journey to an amazing beat, have the most fun in 45 minutes, whilst torching fat, building muscle, and changing people’s lives for the better. Book tickets now at

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