5 January workouts you can stick to

Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies
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5 January workouts you can stick to


Jan 21

Forget new year’s resolutions. Focus purely on your own wellbeing and fitness goals. Lockdown or normal life, January is a tough but uniquely motivating time of year to get started. To help you out, here are some January workouts you can stick to, whatever the world throws at you.

January workouts

Would you describe yourself as…

  • Exuberant at the new start offered by the new year?
  • Hungover still from New Year’s Eve?
  • Raring to go, with nowhere to go?
  • Wallowing in self doubt?
  • Wondering where to start?

Whatever mood you’re in, it sounds like you might just benefit from moving. So let’s get going with something you can stick to without too much commitment or pain, but plentiful reward.

Sport in Mind

Keep moving to support your mental health

What better excuse to get moving than to do it to raise vital charity funds? Here at FitFestOxford we’ve agreed to commit to Red January in aid of Sport in Mind – a challenge to move, somehow, every day for the 30 days of January.

You can sign up to commit your enthusiasm and support for the challenge and the fundraiser here. This is the best form of accountability, we think. And we also love that we’re all keeping our minds healthy by working out, in our own ways, every single day.

Joe Wicks’ workouts

There’s so much to love about Joe, including the number of free workouts on his YouTube channel. This is accessible exercise for all, including the fact that he produces workouts for all ages, most levels of mobility, and all levels of fitness.

If you need more of an incentive to get moving in January, his January Bootcamp is available in the Body Coach app and you’ll be nudged five days a week to stick to your fitness journey with Joe.   

Couch to 5K

Couch too 5K

You really don’t have to ask around much to find someone who heaps praise on the Couch to 5K phenomenon. Even Radio 2’s Jo Whiley is an advocate and she’s now running long distance races in her 50s. 

The joy of Couch to 5K is that it’s paced to get you moving more but gradually. So however unfit you feel, it’s still accessible to you. Plus these days you’re part of a community also giving it a go – you’re not alone if you need support, but you can do it alone if that is your preference. 

Download the app on Apple or Google  

NHS Strength and Flex 

NHS strength and flexibility training

Fitness and health aren’t all about cardiovascular workouts. Strength and resistance training support muscle and bone health too. And this series of low impact exercises is delivered via a podcast.

Aligned to the Department of Health’s current guidelines on twice weekly muscle strengthening activities, this is a 5-week programme to dip into as and when it suits you. It’s perfect to fit in to another workout programme you’re following or to start as a baseline for just doing some beneficial exercise.

Dedicate – 30 day yoga journey

In the gentlest way, yoga is a perfect entry to exercise that builds strength and flexibility alongside a peaceful and positive mindset. You’ll breathe, you’ll gently raise your heart rate, you’ll have time to zone out and you’ll feel re-energised mentally and physically.

What we love about this 30 day yoga practice is that it’s free of charge and open to anyone. Your daily email will nudge you to join a practice and, if you fancy it, a private Facebook community for friendship and encouragement. The downloadable calendar tells you how much time you’ll need each day (most days are sub 25 minutes, though the first few are longer to get you started) and what the focus thought is for each session. 

Grab January and go!

Whatever you choose to do to keep your mind and body moving in January, keep at it, you’ll soon feel the benefits. And our top tip? Make time for yourself to start the day by doing your exercise. It’s a rich and rewarding way to give yourself some ‘you’ time, and you’ll be noticeably more raring for the day ahead and everyone else’s wants and needs. 

Good luck and let us know how you get on – you can find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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