Improve the condition of your rounded shoulders

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Oct 17

At FIT FEST OXFORD, you will find yourself immersed in an environment set to inspire you to move freely, with energy and exercise in an effective way to work towards achieving your goals in new and exciting ways.

In current times, there is a huge stress on our bodies predominantly caused by our desk jobs! Every day we are expected to sit in positions causing us to hunch over our phones and laptops resulting in huge strain in our neck and shoulder muscles as well as our lower backs and hips, which in turn will absolutely cause tenderness, aches, pains and restriction of movement.

Of course, being active, and keeping fit is fantastic and will help to enable you to sustain a good range of movement and prevent long-term problems in areas of the body that could otherwise suffer due to our lifestyles.

At FIT FEST OXFORD we are offering you a multitude of answers to this very problem which 90% of clients book in with. We will be pointing you in the direction of the EXPERTS! On the day some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Osteopath’s, Chiropractors plus many more professionals can help you by providing you with on the spot treatments, strength tests, postural assessments and corrective exercises to open your eyes to a world of ways that you can really help your mind and body.

In the meantime, try these tricks and tips regularly to improve the condition of your rounded shoulders.

1)Chest stretch, hold this for 30 seconds each side 4 times per day throughout your working day to prevent the muscles shortening and in turn pulling the shoulders forward.

2)Resistance band reverse flyes x 12 repetitions, again 4 times per day to strengthen your upper back muscles and start to train them to hold your shoulders in place.

3)Neck stretch, again, hold this stretch for 30 secs 4 times per day.

So if you are wondering whether to join us at the most exciting and largest Wellness and Fitness Festival in Oxfordshire, count yourselves in! We have injury clinics guaranteed to help you.

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