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Jan 19

Founded in 2013, Men’s underwear company, Bollox, is a brand named as such to remind you to check yourself for any changes, lumps or bumps. They sell stylish, comfortable, high-quality men’s underwear with a vision of not only giving you a fashionable look but also providing men with knowledge and a reminder about their health. Their underwear gives you the comfort you deserve while supporting men’s cancer charities, helping to raise awareness of cancer. What more could you want?

We spoke to Bollox founder, Daren Elsley, about his brand, and he explained the thinking behind it. “The crucial impact and most important element of this brand is to raise awareness and get guys checking themselves, hence the name. The concept of the brand is to make a bold statement to remind men to check themselves every time they pull on their boxers, but also for women to remind the man in their life when she sees him wearing them. Plus they’re really comfy!”

Daren invented the popular Mr Bollox characters, which are used as characters on the underwear and names for each item. They’re not only humorous but make the perfect gift for the Mr Ginger Bollox, Mr Greedy Bollox or Mr Clever Bollox in your life! Daren says, “I heard a lady call her son ‘you clever bollox’ when he did well at his exams, and…lightbulb moment! Plenty of bollox characters came from that.” Apparently, Mr Perfect Bollox seems popular at the moment!

Thanks to the Bollox brand going from strength to strength, they’ve currently donated £1,000 and will soon be donating another £1,000 to men’s cancer charities. They don’t have a target amount as the sky’s the limit. The goal is to continue selling underwear, continue growing the brand and, most importantly, continue raising awareness (and money) for male cancer charities.

The Bollox website currently only stocks trunk-style boxers, but they’re looking to extend the range. “It’s down to funds,” Daren explains. “As we grow and make some profit, we reinvest with new stock and new colours. If there are any wealthy individuals or entrepreneurs that would like to invest in the brand, we would love a chat!”

With a target audience of men aged 15-100 years old, Bollox sell comfortable, high-quality underwear. From twenty-something gym-goers to pensioners, the underwear is perfect for everyone of every shape and size. But they’re not stopping there! At FitFest Oxford, the Bollox team will be launching the ‘bx’ brand. This brand offers further empowerment for guys and focuses on men’s overall health. Daren explains, “BX is an activewear brand, which offers a holistic approach to men’s health. Along with our quality activewear range, we will be offering 12-week programmes for fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing. We believe by applying these three elements to our daily lives, men’s health will improve. You will feel healthier, happier and more positive about yourself. This then also has a positive impact of reducing the chances of getting forms of cancer and ill health in general.”

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