The Naked Professor Bares All

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Jan 19

Ben Bidwell is a mindset and purpose life coach, writer and speaker, but he also poses naked on his Instagram account (@thenakedprofessor). And for a very good reason. We recently caught up with Ben, who also co-hosts The Naked Professors podcast, and he gave the reason behind his decision to expose all. “I wanted to create an Instagram account that represented two things: one, the learnings that I had experienced through my own personal development work and understandings as a coach, and, two, a reflection of the imagery I share that represents my vulnerability in baring my heart and soul.”

And Ben’s inspiration? Professional boxer Anthony Joshua. “I am inspired by anyone who is willing to be vulnerable enough to admit they aren’t perfect. If someone shows me their heart and opens up to me in an authentic fashion, then quite simply, I’m inspired by them. If I had to say one person in the world right now, you’d think it might be Tony Robbins, Gary V or someone of that ilk, but actually the most inspiring of all for me is Anthony Joshua. I love his story of making some bad decisions in his teenage years but then becoming dedicated to himself in chasing his dream and leaving behind the bad that surrounded him. He is now someone who oozes deep-rooted self-confidence and an unflappable belief in his own talent. He seeks no outside validation but, instead, his confidence comes from a deep dedication to his passion.”

By now, you’ve probably picked up your phone and flicked through Ben’s Instagram account. He’s fit and healthy, and clearly works out. What does his workout routine look like? “I aim to go every day but it probably works out at about five times a week. Exercise is important to me in several ways. First and foremost it gets me out of my comfort zone by pushing the boundaries of where my body feels comfortable. Secondly, exercise is therapy for me. I sometimes walk into the gym with a head full of noise and walk out with it crystal clear. Lastly, looking after my body makes me proud of the person that I am.” Ben has a weekly schedule of three weights sessions, two HIIT sessions and a couple of days focusing on stretching and body weight movements.

The Naked Professors podcast, which Ben co-hosts alongside TV presenter and mental health ambassador Matt Johnson, hones in on high-profile guests’ actual lives. No glitz and glamour, no Instagram filters, but their real life challenges and difficulties. “It’s been an incredible experience so far just being part of some of the wonderful conversations that have taken place. We’ve had the likes of Davina McCall and Matt Willis talk about their addictions and macho international rugby player Jim Hamilton about how he didn’t receive love from his dad growing up and what that meant to him. All very different chats but powerful in their authentic ways.”

Ben will be at FitFest Oxford talking about vulnerability and truth. “I aim to touch peoples’ hearts with my story and share openly about how I’ve learned to live a happier life on the inside. I can’t wait to be a part of it.” You can check him out on Instagram or follow him on Twitter, too.

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