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Sunday 3PM
Insta Live - 'How to be still'

I grew up in a small town in Oxfordshire, and although I had a wonderful childhood I always struggled to understand my place in the world. I had an innate struggle identifying who I was and how I wanted to live my life that led me to eventually finding coaching.
I am very passionate about making a difference to those around me, I myself have visited a whole host of different people in my struggle to tackle anxiety OCD and depression. From Hypnotherapy,NLP practitioners to counsellors and therapists none of them were able to truly empower me to make the shift that I needed. That is what got me thinking, if this is something I am struggling with I wonder who else is experiencing a similar issue? I felt a real lack for a holistic approach to supporting people not with one aspect of their mental health, but looking at the whole picture - mind, body and soul. That is when I found Co-Active coaching.
Co-Active coaching, is coaching like no other key principles are built in the fact that there is no “finish line.” We are all on a lifelong leadership journey, and every person’s journey is unique to them. Co-Active is a contextual lens to experience this journey from different orientations. Co-Active helped me to stretch my sightline, get out of my comfort zone, and grow along the way. It helped me to understand my own journey Through my own personal coaching journey I was able to reconnect with myself - my values, wants and desires. I started to visualise who I was and what I truly wanted out of life and in turn creating what I wanted to create in my life.
So that's me - and that is what has led me to be here in front of you today. My personal experience enables me to be a relatable person to help you overcome your issues as I have been there too and have stood in your shoes. If you think I could help you, then please do further explore my site and follow me at @thewellbeinggirl, I would love to hear from you.
The Wellbeing Girl


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