Women-only Race For Life Now Invites Men and Children to Attend

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Jan 19

Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest independent cancer research charity. They conduct research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and their vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. The charity’s work is almost entirely funded by the public, and the Race For Life events are a brilliant way for people to come together in their communities to raise awareness and money for Cancer Research UK.

There are more than 400 Race For Life events taking place all over the UK but, this year, they’re changing the rules. For the first time since the women-only event began more than 25 years ago, they are opening up the event to everyone: women, men and children! They explained, “We now feel the time is right to open them up so that everyone – women, men and children – have the chance to participate together. To make a significant difference in the fight against cancer we need to harness as much energy and commitment as possible – so what better way than involving everyone in the community in our events. We’re urging mums, dads, nans, grandpas, brothers, sisters, friends and workmates to show their support by joining the Race for Life.  It’s a perfect example of everyday people doing an extraordinary thing – uniting in a common cause to beat cancer.”

Cancer Research UK are the only cancer charity to fund the research into all types of cancer. Their research makes a huge difference to cancer patients and their families. “Real people and real stories are at the heart of our campaign. We have a range of services available from Cancer Chat forums through to counselling. Our research is pioneering the research into cancer to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.”

There are a range of events for people of all ages and abilities taking place at University Parks on Sunday 14th July 2019. The Race For Life events are fun, inspiring, emotional and uplifting. If you’re not overly sporty or competitive, there’s still an event that will suit you. Simply visit the Race For Life website, choose an event, sign up and have fun raising money! If you want to take part in your local Race For Life event, sign up for 30% off adult entry until the end of January 2019 with code RFL30 at raceforlife.org.

If you’re not able to attend Race For Life or any of the other events, or you want to raise money for Cancer Research UK by doing something different, you can volunteer at their events, volunteer in their shops, or set up a committee in your local area to raise an annual donation amount.

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