Knowledge is power and, once you have the power, you can take action to become healthier, fitter and happier. The fantastic range of interactive talks and workshops at FitFest Oxford are sure to inspire, educate and motivate you. Whatever questions you have, from queries about self-care and meditation to fitness and nutrition, the FitFest Oxford speakers will be delighted to answer them! The talks and workshops held throughout the day include injury clinics, live beauty demonstrations, presentations about the latest nutritional information, live cooking demos and much more. So attend some talks or workshops and feel inspired.

One Size Doesn't Fit All with The Fitness Pro
Fitness doesn’t need to be a chore
Self Care Starts With Ourselves; Learn It, Practise It, Teach It
Fitness Hair Ups For 2018
Beauty Hacks For Early Mornings
Body Confidence Panel
Body Management Techniques For 21 st Century Working Life
Satisfy Your Cravings
Muscle Testing For Your Best Performance
ReThink Mental Health
Mindful Eating
The Foodie Dentist - The Dangers of Refined Sugars & How to Eliminate it from your Diet


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