James Golden

James Golden AKA ‘The Fitness Pro’ has spent over 15 years in health and fitness since graduating from Bucks University with a sports science degree which led onto to James completing a diploma in personal training with the YMCA creating the pathway to a career in the fitness industry.
James has seen the industry evolve during his time and seen a range of fads come and go along with social media diluting the sector with do's and don'ts. The fact is, no 'one size fits all' and not everything people read will necessarily work for you.

The philosophy of James is very much set on maintaining a balance to lifestyle and creating a sustainable, healthy approach to everyday life which achieves results for the future. It is essential that training and nutrition are adaptable for individuals due to variances in each lifestyle. James stats ‘Whilst there is no 'One size fits all' approach, the end product remains the same in achieving a goal through fitness and nutrition.’