Sweat proof your headphones!

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Mar 18

Did you ever stop and think about the bacteria building up on your headphones? You train and you sweat, and yes: you do sweat through your ears too! That bacteria needs to go somewhere!

EarHugz® are fashionable, hygienic, sweat proof headphone covers, designed to keep your headphones in good condition for longer and save you some money! Manufactured and designed in the UK, EarHugz® have a distinctly British feel to them. The secret to their effectiveness is their fabric, which is made from the blend of two different materials – polyester and spandex.

Features of polyester fibres 

Polyester fibres and fabrics are highly durable and strong. They are resistant to the majority of chemicals, shrinking and stretching, mildew, abrasion and wrinkles. This hydrophobic material dries quickly as well.

Features of spandex fibres

Spandex fibres can be repeatedly pulled and still revert to their original shape and length. Typically, they can be stretched to over five times their length, without breaking. This supple, lightweight, smooth, soft material outperforms rubber, with respect to its’ strength, durability and retractive force. EarHugz® combines these two materials to produce a stretchy, funky fabric that is perfect for headphone wearers.

Health benefits

The sweat absorption fabric will eliminate troublesome moisture and ensure that your skin remains free of rashes or spots close to your ears. Moisture causes skin irritation and can create a breeding ground for bacteria that results in various skin conditions. EarHugz® uses quick-drying fabric, which reduces the chance of bacteria accumulating in your pores when you sweat.


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