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Amber-Rose Hurst
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May 19

Becspective brings top quality nutritious products which are scientifically proven to get the results you’ve always wanted. From weight management to energy and performance, Becspective has the right product to aid and push anyone’s personal fitness goals.  

Becky Gatiss is the brilliant motivational mind behind Becspective, who shares the vision to free people from physical and financial pain through healthy living. She’s a brand representative and distributor of Isagenix. Isagenix is a global health, wellness and nutrition brand that offers a wide range of products to aid weight loss and healthy lifestyles. 

Isagenix offers a wide range of delicious products including shakes, foods, supplements and many more. Each of the products contain absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and all the high-quality ingredients used are often and intensely tested for safety. 

Isagenix strives to inspire and empower individuals, families and communities by helping them to live their life to the fullest with a range of nutritional aids. The brand is partnered with top universities and laboratories to ensure all of its products have scientific evidence that they truly serve their purpose. 

Join Becky at FitFest Oxford on June 15thwhere you can find out more about how to kick start your fitness and well-being journey with Isagenix. Book tickets now at https://fitfestoxford.com/tickets/.

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