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Feb 18

Vegemental is one of our healthy food suppliers that you will find in our Refuel Zone! They provide natural, colourful salads and grains inspired by what is in season, using local and organic ingredients for maximum taste and freshness.

It is massively important to us at Fit Fest Oxford that we provide you with the options which will inspire you to leave the festival wanting to continue making progress towards your fitness goals and that always includes making good nutritional choices.

Jamie from Vegemental says ‘I was working in an office and wanted to avoid making the usual packed lunch fayre of sandwiches and crisps- monotonous and of mediocre nutritional quality. I began to make my own salads- not just the usual salads with the bag of mixed leaves, but salads with seasonal vegetables and with different grains and seeds.’

Being healthy is good for everyone and salads can be an exciting choice as Vegemental has proven over the years!

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