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Jan 18

Previously, we introduced Zach and Eva as members of FitFest Oxford’s Tribe, but we weren’t just gonna stop there! Today we want to officially introduce Liam Chewings! You are probably already familiar with his face as Liam has been part of Fit Fest Oxford’s Tribe for a little while now and was present at our latest photo shoot! But, as you know, we like to share with all of you as much as possible about our members, partners, sponsors…we are a team committed to getting all local fitness and wellbeing professionals and lovers together! And what a better way to do it than sharing their beginnings and stories with you?

Liam Chewings is a Personal Trainer at Feel Fit Gym who will be at April’s event but you can meet him earlier at FitFest Oxford’s Official Launch at Westgate Oxford – yes, you read right…if it wasn’t enough with the spectacular event we have planned for April, we decided to give you a kick-start to a healthier, happier 2018 by arranging a pop up fitness studio and wellness zone at Westgate Oxford, reserve your spot..this one is on us!!

That being mentioned (it was a MUST to remind you about our official launch at Westgate Oxford!!), please go ahead and find out a little bit more about Liam!!


With now over 5 years experience, my fitness journey began the same way as anyone else and I managed to progress from an unsure beginner to someone with a love for Muay Thai and Boxing. It all began at FeelFit Gym and I am proud to say that FeelFit was the first place I worked as a PT and have remained there since! Training has given me confidence and self-belief and, without a shadow of a doubt, a passion for life. Fitness changed my outlook on life so much that I had to qualified as a Personal Trainer. Now I want to pass on my knowledge to others and guide them in a life-changing journey while making fitness exciting, fun and simple!

I love being responsible for helping and teaching someone from my own personal experience. I aim to take my clients from gym beginners to pros, giving full guidance and support whilst I teach them the basics to bring confidence in the gym as well as advanced techniques.



  • Level 2 fitness instructor at premier training international
  • Level 3 personal trainer at premier training international 
  • Group fitness Qualifications such as circuit, spin, and kettlebell training
  • CPD-accredited sports and exercise nutrition 
  • Spin instructor


  • Fat loss
  • Muscle development
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Functional pattern training
  • Boxing


  • I love music! I listen to all types but mainly, house and techno
  • My idol best sports idol is Conor McGregor
  • I have a ridiculous sneaker collection probably now over the 200 mark easily
  • My favourite cheat has to be pic n mix


“I am really looking forward to it! It’s great opportunity to meet and work with new people also consider myself very lucky as it’s the first one ever so I aim to bring all my energy and showcase how fitness can be fun, very fun!”

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