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Jan 18
It is probably safe to say that most of us attended an event that made us think..why can’t they just have a proper coffee machine? You travelled¬†a long way to be able to attend, woke up early and it is raining. There is no denying that a nice cup of coffee could just mean the perfect start for the day! There is nothing wrong with instant coffee but, who wouldn’t choose a foamy cappuccino over instant coffee? We would ūüôā
When we started the FitFest Oxford venture, we agreed that the catering services at FitFest Oxford should be exquisite! Meet Coopers Coffee Bar!
Coopers Coffee Bar is a mobile coffee company who have been trading in the event world since early 2012, offering¬†speciality coffees from a quirky little three-wheeled mobile coffee van. They have gained a¬†great deal of experience in the event industry since they started running and now they added an indoor¬†coffee bar to our coffee fleet!! What great news!! Especially with FitFest Oxford April’s event literally just around the corner!
We spoke to founder Janetter Cooper to get you some insights about coming up with such a fantastic and vital business defined by Janette as small, professional and adaptable!

When and why did you decide to set up Coopers Coffee Bar? 

I started my coffee adventure in May of 2012, after deciding on a change of direction in my work life, having worked in the Customer Service Dept of a packaging machinery company for 24 years.
I spent a lot of time thinking about something I could start up with minimal cost and risk, that I could completely make my own.¬† I decided for both of those reasons that a Franchise wasn’t for me, as you were then both living someone else’s vision and in turn paying them the rewards of your hard work. My business has evolved over the years, rather than having a master plan to start with.¬† But going into the coffee events world has been the best thing ever, I still have the odd disasters and make mistakes, but I continue to love my job and the coffee adventures I find myself in.

If we ask you about values, what comes into your head? 

Customer service is definitely at the top of my values list!  I am able to adapt my setup and offering to each and every event I am at, whether it be a large busy event or a more personal small affair.  We also aim to combat our footprint in the world and offer 100% fully compostable paper goods; cups, lids, sleeves, stirrers etc.  Our coffee is ethically sourced from our coffee suppliers, who trade directly with coffee farmers to offer them the best deals possible.

Besides coffee and tea services, what else do you offer?

We can offer you any type of espresso-based coffees, a large selection of Organic Fair Trade teas, hot chocolate, spiced chai latte, hot apple, and Bovril.  We offer Iced Coffees should the sun appear.
We also offer a selection of homemade cakes and brownies; including Lemon Drizzle, Banana and Pecan, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Fridge Cake, chocolate squares and a mixture of flavoured brownies.

What makes you different?

We are small and adaptable in many ways and can offer coffee in so many scenarios, whether the event is indoors or outside, large or small, with the addition of our mobile coffee bar, the options are endless!

Why are you excited to be involved in FitFest Oxford?

I can already feel the excitement building for your first event in Oxford, and I can’t wait to see what else will evolve over the next couple months.¬† Looking forward to being able to enjoy it with you.
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