Burn 700 calories in just one fitness dance class!

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Nov 17

Yes, that is correct! It is possible to burn up to 700 calories in just the one class with Groove Aerobics! You will have the pleasure to meet them at FitFest Oxford 2018 but, please do feel free to head over to their website and check some of their videos: you will get such an energy buzz by just watching!

Groove Aerobics is not the conventional aerobics class: Groove Aerobics is the ultimate dance fitness class. Daniel Browne’s goal, the founder of Groove Aerobics, is to create fun routines that are challenging at the same time. The reason behind it? He wants his customers (or as he likes to call them, Groovers) to leave his classes really really sweaty and tired but, happy with their workout. Daniel believes that a lot of dance fitness classes are based on having fun: Groove Aerobics is a class that delivers a feel-good factor but also delivers results. People have benefited physically in weight loss and toning and others have used Groove as a form of escape from reality.

Groove Aerobics has officially been running for two years now. Recently, they started expanding and getting new instructors. So far, they are a team of three: Daniel, Claire and Laura.

  • Daniel: He is full of energy and can’t stop moving whether music is playing or not.
  • Claire: The woman who never sleeps. She is head of operations and makes everything run smoothly. She loves to run, she runs everywhere.
  • Laura: She is the bubbly smiley Groove Instructor that loves everything sassy.

You will get to see Groove Aerobic’s team as FitFest Oxford approaches but, as we had the pleasure to ask Daniel some questions in order to bring you this blog post, we wanted to allow you to put a face to the man responsible for such fun classes!

We asked Daniel to sum up Groove Aerobic’s philosophy and this was his response: “To create an environment that is mentally and physically beneficial for our customers (Groovers)”. If you do decide to go a Groove Aerobics class, you can expect amazing music and great dance moves. You will be in a room that is so fun, you will forget that it was an exercise class. Daniel and his team at Groove Aerobics, pride themselves on creating an experience that pushes you physically but forces you to enjoy it.

Daniel, how do you feel about FitFest Oxford 2018? 

We are so excited and privileged to be invited to one of the biggest fitness events in our area! We just really want to share the fun that we have from Groove Aerobics.

Let’s groove with Daniel and Groove Aerobics! At FitFest people can expect high energy and happiness s Groove Aerobics will be playing music at their stand and organising live demos: ultimately getting people to groove with them! Register your interest to attend FitFest Oxford here!

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