Less work; more play.

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Dec 18

Tired of that same old workout routine that always feels like hard work? Time to think outside the box and add more fun to your workouts.

The ladies from PlayTone have developed inspiring workouts with fun in mind. PlayTone is your is pop-up playground; alternative fitness brand specialising in combining fitness and fun. They offer hoop, skate, jump and flexibility classes. Even roller disco events are on the schedule.

Remember when you were a child and had creative ideas and solutions for every little challenge that came your way? It may have been due to all the time you spent on the playground with friends having fun. Studies show that play for adults is also beneficial. It increases creativity, productivity and self-esteem, relaxation and helps foster empathy.

“We are, generally, a nation who must relearn the art of playfulness. Actually, most people are quite willing. They just need permission, and that’s where PlayTone comes in.”

The PlayTone team has a “less is more” philosophy. You’ll find fun and playful low impact exercises rather than grueling high impact exercises. You’ll have fun rather than dreading that hiit class. You may even forget you’re working out at all.

If you join the Play Tone team for a workout, you won’t be reminded of diets or that you’re there to burn calories or lose weight. We love their commitment to no diets! All activities are designed to help you feel strong and happy instead.

Go ahead; release your inner child and be wild!

Come try PlayTone’s hoop disco at FitFest Oxford on June 15th. Can’t wait for FitFest Oxford? Check them out in London. Prices are reasonable and start at £7 for a drop in and block bookings are available.

You must be aged 18 or older to play.

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