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Feb 18

We are happy to confirm that FeelFit Gym is one of our official partners for FitFest Oxford 2018. FeelFit Gym is located at Templars Square and is the gym of choice by many of you!


We completely get why! FeelFit Gym is basically considered a second home for Zach, Eva and Liam, whom you know are members of FitFest Oxford Tribe! Eva and Liam are PT’s at FeelFit and you should get in touch with them if you are looking for extra support achieving your fitness goals!

The gym equipment is of high standards and its distribution around two huge floors means more space and an incredible experience. FeelFit Gym is also the only gym in the city with a ladies only section! Their Nutrition Bar is constantly being stocked up with the latest product innovations! It is worthy of a trip down! Perfect to get your protein shakes, morning coffee or a power bar.

FeelFit Gym has also been adding new equipment and updating their facilities. They listen to their members’ feedback and they get it done! The steam room and sauna are now open!

Don’t be too surprised if you go down to FeelFit Gym and you get confused as to whether you are at the gym or at a nightclub! Yes, this is right. FeelFit Gym is mixing things up and has now hosted a few evenings of workouts with a live DJ! We advise that you start following their Instagram account to get the latest updates and find out about what they are up to!

Reminder: Earlybird tickets are now available for sale! Get Yours!

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