How to Conquer Crow Pose with The Flexie Foodie!

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Jan 18

Crow Pose, also known as Kakasana, can at first appear to be a complicated asana, but with the right guidance and a certain amount of practice, it is possible to quickly conquer and by following my five steps you can do just that! And I promise you that when you conquer it, you’ll want it to be your next Christmas card photo! The achievement feels so amazing and everyone can get there.

Begin with Confidence

Enter this pose by beginning in a low squat with your feet hip-width apart and your heels lifted off the ground. Bring your elbows to rest on the inside of each knee and then push your elbows out as you lift your hands up so that the palms are forward facing.

As you flow through these first few movements, feel the strength in your body and trust in your ability.

Move Slowly with Purpose

Bring your body forwards gently as your hands come down to rest on the floor. They should be in alignment with your shoulders and just ahead of them. Be sure to keep your head up and your gaze focused forwards.

Trust Yourself

With your hands now on the floor, you can push down through them, bending at the elbows as you bring the hips up. Do not stop bending the elbows until they are at a solid 90-degree angle – trust in yourself that you can do this!

Summon your Strength

Summon your strength and engage your core as you bring your right foot slowly up away from the ground. Hold your body in position here for a moment whilst you get used to balancing in this way.

Conquer Crow Pose

The fifth and final step is to bring your left leg up away from the ground also so that you are relying solely on your arms to keep you up! You may get this on the first try or it may take practice, the trick is to persist with finding and maintaining your balance.

Once you have achieved the pose you can then work on holding yourself in this position. Aim to do so for five deep breaths before returning back to the ground one foot at a time.

Lots of Love 

The Flexie Foodie aka Julie Montagu


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