Five Top Tips for Improving Your Fitness This Summer

Jasmin Peppiatt
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Apr 19

Whatever time of year it is, it’s important to look after your body and mind. But the warmer months are a particularly great time to get outside, get active and improve your fitness. Here are our ten top tips for improving your fitness this summer.

1: Take a walk.

Going on a brisk walk is a fantastic way to not only increase your heart rate and blood flow but also explore your local area.

2: 10-minute HIIT.

If you’re on a tight schedule most days, a quick HIIT workout can really get your muscles working and blood pumping. You can find lots of HIIT workout plans online, or you could create your own.

3: Cycle.

Can you incorporate a bike ride into your daily routine? Whether it’s cycling to school with your kids or taking the bike to work instead of driving, cycling is a great way to use and tone muscles in your lower body while increasing your heart-rate.

4: Jump-rope!

Jump-rope can burn up to 800 calories an hour! We asked Jump Rope UK for some advice. “All you need is a rope and a bit of space. Start by doing two to three minutes of skipping a day. Always make sure you warm up and stretch beforehand. Once you feel more confident, build yourself up to 10 minutes of skipping, which can be equivalent to a 30-minute jog. It’s a great all-body workout!” You can meet the Jump Rope UK team at FitFest Oxford on 15th June!

5: Get dancing.

Dancing is a great way to exercise your whole body and use lots of different muscles. The best way to try out dancing is by going to a local club or class, like Zumba.

Remember that there isn’t a quick fix to getting fit. It’s all about consistently being active and motivated.

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