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Jan 19

Aston and James is Oxfordshire’s leading supplier of workplace products and services. Their award-winning service now includes much more than stocking the stationery cupboards of businesses. Workplace solutions include furniture and space planning, secure shredding, toner recycling and promotional products. With their focus on fully addressing the needs of businesses, Aston and James also offer solutions to increase wellness in the workplace.

Office workers: you need to know this!

An incorrect workstation can have a detrimental effect on health. Many office workers are now sitting for 10 hours per day. One in three of us are suffering from daily ailments caused by working at a computer including back problems, fatigue and headaches.

To find out if your workstation could be improved to improve your wellbeing at work, a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment is carried out. This includes observations and measurements to determine if your desk and equipment allow your body to find its ideal position where the muscles don’t have to work hard to support the weight of the head.

If you work at a computer regularly, you’re legally entitled to a DSE assessment organised by your employer. Your employer is required to protect you from any risks that can arise from regular computer use.

Visit the Aston and James website. They can help with your desk set up to ensure you are in the best position possible. They will run through a number of questions to identify exactly what you may need and also give you some useful tips on how you can stay healthy in your workplace.

What happens after the assessment?

If a DSE assessment finds that steps should be taken to make you more comfortable and minimise the health risks of digital screen use, the next steps may include:

  • Re-arranging items on your desk
  • Using wrist supports below the keyboard and mouse
  • Using a document holder to minimise twisting in your chair
  • Adjusting your office chair
  • Changing the height of your desk

Aston and James’ Top Tip for all office workers 

“Request a DSE assessment from your employer to make sure your workstation is set up for your personal needs, take regular breaks and try and stand up more, you can burn 30% more calories when you are standing rather than sitting.

Why not visit the Aston and James showroom in Witney or take a look at our website to request your FREE DSE Assessment?

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