FUEL10K. Whether you're training to run 10K or aiming to get your step count in the day, we're here to Fuel Your Journey.
Our inspirational name comes from from Dr Malcolm Gladwell’s view that it takes ten thousand (10K) hours to achieve greatness. For some, it could be a long run. For us it has become a philosophy. As a brand we have embraced this and recognise that everyone is striving for something (no matter how big or small).
We make mornings easy with our tasty, convenient, better-for-you, protein boosted breakfast products, so you can focus on your 10K hours.
Our FUEL10K range comprises of breakfast drinks, porridge pots, granolas, wheat biscuits, multigrain flakes, nut butters and oat cookies, with other exciting innovations on the way... #FuelYourJourney with FUEL10K

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