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Amber-Rose Hurst
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May 19

FITUPS Braces are the world’s first braces specifically designed for active individuals. Say goodbye to the constant pulling-up of your gym leggings as FITUPS has created the ultimate solution. 

Working out should be simple and care-free, but instead a lot of the time it’s interrupted by annoying gym leggings not staying in place. Brand new FITUPS, launched on 1st May 2019, are here to allow you to focus on exercising and smashing your fitness goals rather than on your clothing. They are the ultimate workout accessory. 

Constructed from high-grade, technical fabric, FITUPS use hi-grip clips that attach quickly, easily securely to your clothing without damaging the fabric during application, activity and removal. These innovative, handy braces allow you to concentrate on running, squatting, stretching or whatever your activity with no fuss, as they stretch, breathe and wick assay any moisture. They’re also chafe free, light-weight and comfortable, so you wont even know you’re wearing them. 

How to wear them:
FITUPS are stylish enough to be worn on top of your activewear as a fashion statement. At the moment they come in a sleek black colour way, but more options are coming soon so keep your eyes peeled! If you don’t fancy having your fitness braces on show, you can wear them under your clothes too and they will be virtually invisible.

Come and meet the founder of FITUPS at FitFest Oxford on June 15thto be the first to learn all about the fitness industries latest accessory launch.  Book tickets now at

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